converting betsHow about the secret of converting bets to

How about the secret of converting bets to?
Most of us were taught to play passes with odds, and there were two bets. Come bets are liked by most players as they represent hot numbers. By betting coming up, many believe they can take advantage of a heat wave or a "roll monster". In addition, incoming bettors often take the odds of double (or more), both on the pass and the next, to maximize their win. Come to win real money in FUN88.
However, the incoming bet has some drawbacks. Suppose you have bet on six and eight, nine is the point, and the point has been made. Now you have six and eight are working with appearances, with odds. If seven hits now, you will win your new pass bet, but lose the flat portion of your bet to your "rest".
Another disadvantage is that the payout for the next bet is not much higher, and in many cases, lower than the parlay bet. For example, betting $ 10 on six with odds of $ 25 returns $ 30 for the odds plus $ 10 on the fixed part, for a total of $ 40. However, if you place $ 36 on six as a bet, you'll get $ 42 back. Also, you cannot bet down. If you keep going in the right direction with each spin, you will eventually lose all your stakes.

Would you like to know the secrets professionals use to convert their bets to?
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Professionals know that a number must hit twice for once a bet comes to win, compared to once for a bet. Instead of placing your incoming bet on the trend of the table, the execution of what is known as convertible incoming bet will be easier and more profitable.
The incoming bet is converted as a bet that is made instead of the respective incoming bet. For example, if the first roll is four and the next two rolls are five and six, you can usually bet $ 10 with odds for five and six - $ 20 for five and $ 25 for six. So you have a total of $ 65 at play - $ 30 for five and $ 35 for six. Bet on incoming and winning bets, you'll win $ 40 for five and $ 40 for six, for a total of $ 80.
Instead of wagering on the first leg, you can simply place $ 30 for five and $ 36 for six, giving you $ 66 in play. You'll win $ 42 for the year and $ 42 for six, for a total of $ 84. Of course, then you can bet down so you don't have to worry about the result seven (if the score has been taken), or two, three or twelve (when in the arrival box).
Next time you want to place your bet, try to place the converted bet in FUN88.